Trip Archives III

This page gives an overview of our travels from 2016 Autumn-present, in descending order of occurrence. Clicking on the banners (if applicable) will bring you to the respective set of posts associated with the said trip. Alternatively, the related posts (in descending order) are also listed below the banner. As most of the posts are back-dated, please allow us some time to work on them.

Traipsing Our Backyard (ongoing)

Exploring Marina Barrage

I Left My Soul in Seoul
Charmed by Naejangsan National Park
Jeonju, the Birthplace of Bibimbap
Of Sunset, Seafood and a General in Tongyeong
Tongyeong, Korea’s Beautiful Southern Port City
More of Andong’s Unique Allure
Andong is More than Andong Jjimdak
Sunsets at Haneul Sky Park and Naksan Park



The Charm of Old Japan in Kyoto (planned)
That Elegant White Heron Castle, Himeji (planned)
Into Iya Valley, a Vestige of Old World Japan (planned)
Naruto Whirlpools, Mount Bizan & Awaji Island (planned)
Shikoku Henro by Car I: Temples 17 – 23 (planned)
Kagawa and its Gem, Ritsurin Garden
Shikoku Henro by Car I: Temples 09 – 16
Shikoku Henro by Car I: Temples 01 – 08
Sakura Season in Tokushima: A Photo Gallery
Prelude: The Shikoku Henro by Car, in IV Parts

2017-11 Iceland Through Fire and Ice Header


North Iceland, the Wonderland of Iceland (planned)
10 Things about Iceland
Journey to the West (of Iceland)


Epilogue – 2016 Autumn Romance in S. Korea
A Compedium of Seoul, As We Know It
Jeju, the Island of Gods D3
Jeju, the Island of Gods D2: Outdoors
Jeju, the Island of Gods D2: Indoors
Jeju, the Island of Gods D1
10 Things about South Korea
The Astounding ‘Park in the Sky’
Of Traipsing Korean Palaces
Of Gyeongbokgung Palace by Night
The Enchanting Nami Island


Penultimate – A Photo Essay
Hort Park, the Gardeners’ Paradise
Of Chinese and Japanese Gardens
The Quintessential Beach Park
Singapore’s First UNESCO Heritage Site
This is Home, Truly
Reservoir in the Heart of the City


A fruitful half month spent exploring parts of South Korea we’ve never been to, including going on a study trip with the Korean Language academy Inez studied at for several years.