Visit to The Farm

Seriously, the name of the farm we were visiting is called ‘The Farm‘! I kid you not!

I visited the place with some colleagues to take a look at the pumpkins available for sale, and the main attraction, the corn maze. It was an amazing sight, and nothing like what I’ve seen before.



These were some of the pictures I captured while on the roads on the way to The Farm while colleague P was behind wheels. Love how wide their highways are. Take a closer look at the 2nd picture if you will – those black dots on the grass… cows! Alright, I have seen cows in the wild but that was in Malaysia years ago as a kid. I had to capture that shot fast because P literally stopped in the middle of the road for me. Pays to be the only female in the group. 😆


We arrived at The Farm rather early, around 11am and the carpark was already quite full! My picture only captured about half the width of the carpark so you could imagine the impressive size of it in its entirety.

The first place we stopped by was the Petting Station, where they had all sorts of farm animals from pigs, sheep, kittens, donkeys for the children to have close contact with. I wasn’t too keen to go look for a washroom to wash my hands after that, hence refrained from petting them. Right after that, we walked over to the nearby hay maze meant for children and were all wondering why the maze was free for adults. It wasn’t until we walked in that we found out why.

As it turned out, even petite me was taller than the hay stack. It was still nice of the farm not to charge adults knowing it would not pose as any kind of challenge to anyone above 5 ft tall.

Next, all 4 of us decided to pay the small fee of USD5 for entry into the corn maze. The adult version, that is. We were all given an ink stamp (in the form of a picture of a cow) on our hands, and a map each. Then we were told to get up the trucks which would transport us to the entrance of the maze.


Here are 2 of my colleagues P and Y aka ‘Mr Pumpkin’ (who was wearing an orange shirt resembling the colour of pumpkins). Soon enough, we arrived at the entrance of the corn maze where we were dropped off and left on our own with just the map provided to find our way through the corn maze.

traipix-thefarm-014 traipix-thefarm-015

This was taken at the entrance into the corn maze. So tall, wasn’t it? Reminded me so much of the movie ‘The Signs’. Was it by Bruce Willis? While I don’t remember the actors, I sure recall vividly the freaky crop signs and the aliens running about in the tall crop fields. My imagination was running wild as we cautiously walked through the maze.


More pictures taken within the crop maze, and I discovered my male colleagues were taking more pictures of themselves than I was of myself haha. There were 3 ‘bridges’ within the maze where we could take in a view of the whole maze at a vantage point. It was on one of these bridges that Y took a picture for me. I suppose I could have enjoyed the maze better if not for the muddy ground. Eeks! Of all days, I chose that day to wear my Hush Puppies, not my boots. 🙄

traipix-thefarm-024 traipix-thefarm-025

When we finally found our way out of the corn maze, the sight that greeted us was pumpkins in all shapes and sizes. Some of them were really quite huge, nothing like what we’ve ever seen in Singapore. Pumpkins, pumpkins and more pumpkins! We just kind of went crazy and starting shooting off (our cameras, i mean) like madmen at the pumpkin fields.

traipix-thefarm-026 traipix-thefarm-027

Later on, I found out that they have an exceedingly interesting way of deciding how much each customer was to pay for the pumpkin they were buying. Arranged neatly in a row were about 10 pumpkins of different sizes. What you probably can’t see were the prices written with a marker pen on every pumpkin. The little boy carrying the pumpkin in the picture just finished comparing his ‘treasure’ against the standards and found out that his little pumpkin cost USD2.00. Seeing how cheap it really was, we decided to select a really small pumpkin to bring back to our hotel and try cooking it. In the end we selected a very nice one and it cost us USD1.00.


To end off, I took a picture of the pumpkin pie we bought at the bakery within the compounds of The Farm. Cost us USD10.00 for the whole pie of 6 slices. It was really yummy! I didn’t used to be a fan of pumpkin, thinking it’s too sweet for my palate, but my opinion changed after tasting the fresh pumpkin pie. Looks like I would have some baking to do after returning to Singapore.


4 Comments on “Visit to The Farm

  1. How about pumpkin puree soup? Or pumpkin rice , you know mixing cut small cubes of pumpkin and cooking it with rice (just like with potatoes). All these for your consideration!

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