Day Trip to Crystal Mountain

Courtesy of our parent company in the US, the 4 of us from Singapore were assigned a vehicle for our exclusive use. With the exception of Y who couldn’t drive, S, D and I took turns to drive to and from the office daily. I didn’t want to, and they didn’t dare to ask me to because they thought I couldn’t handle a large car (Toyota Sienna). That was till they found out I drive a CRV back home. Boo… I really hated driving as it got progressively colder in Everett; the steering wheel got so cold in the mornings I drove with my gloves.

But they were nice enough not to ask me to drive during our long trips out of Everett come weekend. We were all rather easygoing about where to go, so P was usually the one planning the activities. We just gamely went along with whatever he had in mind.

traipix-crystal002 traipix-crystal006

So, P planned for us to visit Crystal Mountain one Saturday morning since it wasn’t located too far away from Everett. The thing about Washington State is, it is full of mountain ranges all over the state. They have no lack of ski resorts receiving lots of snow each winter due to their geographical location.

I was not packed for skiing on this work trip. And ski resorts in the States (not sure about the other countries) don’t really rent out ski suits or equipment; you are supposed to get that all sorted out before driving up to the resorts. P must have checked that all out and wanted to check out one of the closest ski resorts. I wasn’t complaining; the drive was scenic and I had the prime spot of sitting beside the driver. Heh.


The drive got progressively more interesting as we drove up to the resort. Somewhere along the way we also had to stop to put the snow chains on the tyres. I’d seen snow but to see the Alpine trees get covered in more and more snow as the altitude increased was such an exciting experience. At some point, I even wound down the window to feel snow drifting onto my face, much to the chagrin of my 3 male companions (they didn’t appreciate the cold).

traipix-crystal012 traipix-crystal013

It was still early November but oh my, the snow was falling fast and furious. P and Y were the ones who wanted to recce a ski resort so they went ahead while D and I lingered around everywhere to take pictures. D accidentally stepped in a spot full of fresh snow and we were quite surprised to see that it went so deep.

traipix-crystal017 traipix-crystal020

This picture I captured of my 3 colleagues + a stranger was quite hilarious. You see, Y was wearing very insensible leather shoes to Crystal Mountain and he was slipping and falling ever so often. I really pitied him but I couldn’t understand what he was thinking when he wore those shoes. So, as we walked towards the resort, I was lagging behind and saw that it was a good spot for a shot. Told D & P to stand and pose… and while I was fiddling with my camera, a stranger in full ski garb decided to join them for the photograph. That was so spotting of him. Without waiting for poor Y to join us (that’s the poor guy on the left struggling to walk in the snow), I took the shot. Makes for a very interesting picture, doesn’t it?


I was without a beanie…

traipix-crystal024 traipix-crystal030

And then I was wearing a beanie.

I bought very limited winter wear to the States, and most definitely was not expecting to visit ski resorts. But my head got too cold so much so that I was developing a headache. Decided to get a beanie on the spot. Felt way much better after that.

traipix-crystal039 traipix-crystal040

The snow was getting heavier. Around the same time we started getting worried about driving down the mountain, the ski resort made an announcement saying that they were going to close all access up and down the mountain in about an hour’s time, when the snow was predicted to be extremely heavy. We didn’t want to get trapped up in the ski resort hence decided to head down immediately.


On our slow drive down the ski resort later on, we came by a vehicle that got into quite a bit of trouble and couldn’t get out of the snow heap. Being foreigners new to snowy conditions, we were in no position to help. Hopefully they managed to get the vehicle moving again, or they run the risk of getting snowed in.

Thankfully, we managed to get off the mountain before they closed all road access.


2 Comments on “Day Trip to Crystal Mountain

  1. Well you don’t have to ski if you don’t want to…We are headed to Harbin this weekend for a week and there will be a few days where its possible to ski but we shall stay in the warmth of the cafe and watch! LOL

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