How It All Began


We never used to believe in planning for our own vacations. To us, a planned vacation is… somewhat like an oxymoron. Simply put, we would gladly pay a premium to travel agencies, and then embark on vacations with different groups of strangers. Indeed, each time was akin to playing the russian roulette – complete with some serious hoping and praying on our part that we would be travelling in good company. Thankfully, we’d always had good fortune and had enjoyed the company of easy-going and considerate group-mates.

We finally lucked out in 2007, when we travelled to Turkey with yet another group of strangers. Details are not necessary, but suffice it to say that a family of 4 in question annoyed not only us, but the whole group of fellow travellers. It most definitely did not help matters when we both took turns to battle food poisoning mid-way into the trip. As a result, our main takeaway from the Turkey vacation was how reasonably clean their lavatories at the usual tourist traps were. The trip became memorable for all the wrong reasons.

Turkey is a beautiful transcontinental Eurasian country, with 97% of it sitting on Asia. Despite this, do not mistaken it to be an Asian country, for Turkey is actually part of Europe. We would most certainly like to revisit Turkey one day, but on our own this time round. And for sure, we will be very careful with what we put into our mouths.

Fearing a repeat of history (meeting inconsiderate group-mates, that is), we finally decided it was time to drop our lackadaisical disposition; the mister declared that we ought to plan for our own holidays thenceforth.

As the cliché goes, the rest is history.


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