Planning II – 2011 White Christmas

There have been further changes made to the trip route, in less than a week since I last posted the last draft route. I discussed some more with several people, including the mister and a good friend who is extremely familiar with Germany; most told me we should not be skipping Berlin, the Capital. That was exactly what I then revised – wayfaring to Berlin after Prague. Then, instead of looping back to Frankfurt for our return flight, I decided I wanted to head for Paris instead. It resulted in some unusual manoeuvre with long-distance travelling in which the mister was not very pleased about. After some persuasion (including the perk of allowing him to finally try out a night train from Berlin to Paris), we finalised the travel route.

This travel route has undergone an insane number of revisions ever since I started planning for the trip. I even had to give up the badly drawn heart shape (which I extremely liked – the heart shape, that is) in order to revise the route to my liking. But, no more changes allowed because we have already purchased our air tickets – to Frankfurt and from Paris – and confirmed all accommodation. This HAS TO BE the final plan.

Finally, things are moving along, especially after buying the air tickets. Everything seemed more real now. I did some detailed calculations on whether we should purchase the global eurail passes, and it revealed that it would be more worthwhile for us to purchase the passes since the mister wanted us to travel first-class as and when possible. We have had some bad experiences on Italian trains on several legs (including not being able to find space for our luggage from Milan to Florence, and again from Florence to Rome) resulting in his paranoia with locomotives. I don’t blame him although I don’t share his anxiety – I have a more trusting nature and don’t believe anyone would want to steal our luggage right under our noses.

Now, the most important task at hand – detailed day-by-day itinerary to be completed before we fly off. I have slightly under 5 months to see to that. For once I am confident that I might be able to complete the planning prior to setting off.


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