CHAR Grill: A Photo Gallery

I did wrap up all the posts on our trip to Shanghai last Dec in Jan this year, but something was nagging in the back of my mind. To be specific, I really wanted to write about our enchanting dining experience at CHAR bar & grill located at Hotel Indigo simply because a good dining place deserves any kind of good publicity it could get. The plan was shelved when I looked through the photographs taken that night. In the raw format, they didn’t look promising hence would not do justice to the real McCoy but recently I had some time to go back to these photographs for some post-processing… and they did turn out decent. So here goes…

This post will be first of its kind on this blog in that the focus is solely on the photographs and not words. And I would admit part of the reason being that I don’t remember the finer details of the dining experience. In fact I don’t even remember the names of the food we consumed. Good thing that the official website of CHAR grill does provide the menu, but like any other respectable dining places, they do change their menu offerings from time to time. Some of the food we had can no longer be found on the menu, to my dismay.

We chose to dine at Char grill over Mr & Mrs Bund, a popular modern French eatery helmed by Paul Pairet who also owns the exclusive (10 seats) and elusive (secret location) Ultraviolet. Whether this choice was a mistake we didn’t get to find out during our last trip. But CHAR grill certainly did not disappoint. Every single detail was paid attention to, from the ambience right down to the minute detail of choosing a knife that ‘speaks’ to the patron.

And the range of Fleur de Sel available simply won me over. I love to have my steak simply with Fleur de Sel – it enhances the aroma of good beef.

Although we were seated at a table between two other couples, we didn’t feel that our privacy was in any way compromised. The tables were spaced at a respectable distance, although I would said it helped that the two couples left much earlier than we did so we practically had that whole wing to ourselves!

Everything about that night was just simply perfect.


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