I get bored easily, and tend to be concurrently working on the writeup for several different trips at any one time. It may all seem rather confusing (while I’m trying to catch up with the backlog) but I’m hoping the backlog is cleared soon, first with our trip to Tokushima in Japan then Iceland’s. So, fingers crossed.

It is at the suggestion of the mister that we have a sticky note to update on the latest posts. It’s a proposal that isn’t without merits hence the birth of this post.

These are the 10 latest posts on actual travels out of the country, in descending order of written currency:

  1. S. Korea – 14D Study Trip & More: Andong is More than Andong Jjimdak
  2. S. Korea – 14D Study Trip & More: Sunsets at Haneul Sky Park & Naksan Park
  3. S. Korea – 14D Study Trip & More: Charmed by Naejangsan National Park
  4. Europe – 20D Winter Wonder: Beauty on the Danube
  5. Europe – 20D Winter Wonder: Food and Music: Feels like Heaven
  6. Japan – 12D 車で四国遍路I 徳島県: Kagawa and its Gem: Ritsurin Garden
  7. Japan – 12D 車で四国遍路I 徳島県: Shikoku Henro by Car I: Temples 09 – 16
  8. Japan – 12D 車で四国遍路I 徳島県: Shikoku Henro by Car I: Temples 01 – 08
  9. Japan – 12D 車で四国遍路I 徳島県: Sakura Season in Tokushima: A Photo Gallery
  10. Japan – 12D 車で四国遍路I 徳島県: Prelude: The Shikoku Henro by Car, in IV Parts

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