NBH-003 Historic Villages of Shirakawa-go

NBH 003 - Historic Villages of Shirakawa-go

As promised, this is the mister’s favourite at the moment. I think it has a lot to do with the memories he has of the trip we took, not so much of how we slogged to get to our very remotely-located minshuku, but how the minshuku owners in both Ogimachi and Ainokura went all out to make our stay comfortable. Especially at the latter where she even took special care of his weird dietary restrictions. My husband is touched by simple, yet genuine gestures like these.

When I came across this nanoblock set (housed in a very dusty box) in Seoul I had no idea it is now a set very much sought after by collectors. To be honest, I was thinking thrice about buying it because the box was so dusty and dirty-looking. But since it was just 2 months after our trip to Shirakawa-go and I still had very good memories of the trip, I decided to get it.

Please don’t ask me where I found it. It was the last piece, and I had taken ill during the trip so I don’t remember very much about the whole trip at all. Ths mister can only remember it was somewhere in Gangnam. But the next time I come across it ever again (I actually did, in Seoul again last Aug but it didn’t occur to me to buy it!) I’m going to grab it, in a heartbeat.


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