NBH-007 Kaminarimon

NBH 007 - Kaminarimon This was the first Sights-to-See nanoblock I purchased back when I was in Japan a couple of years back. Loved it because of its very Japanese-styled architecture including a gigantic paper lantern that is the 雷門 (Kaminarimon) and it reminded me of how much we always loved visiting Senso-ji. Subsequently this Kaminarimon nanoblock became the turning point for me; I started collected nanoblocks of places I’d been to.

To date, about 70 sights-to-see have been released. I own 25 of them, need to collect another 20 while the rest I’ve decided I don’t need them in my collection. The idea of adding the completed nanoblocks together with my take of the place (through a photograph I took) on this site have been hatching in my head for a long time now but I had no idea how to incorporate the two ideas into one. Until recently I had a small ‘EUREKA’ moment.

And this is the product of that split second of genius. Is it nice? This is my favourite, at the moment. The mister’s favourite is coming up in the next post. Stay tuned!