NBH-031 Brandenburger Tor

NBH 031 - Brandenburger Tor

I’ve come to really love Germany, and that was completely not within my expectations. For years, I avoided travel plans that brought us to Germany, thinking that since we don’t speak a word of German, we are going to have a hard time there. Well… truth is, we’d enjoyed Germany much more than France, even though I know some French but no German.

So, during this winter trip which included Germany, I took my time planning and by the time we departed, the Berlin leg (2nd last city, before Paris) was left unplanned. The onus was on the mister to do the rest of the planning while I relaxed on the trip. So that afternoon after we checked into our pension, he asked me where I wanted to go first. I just said ‘Berlin Wall’.

We hopped onto a taxi and told him just that. Turns out we really have to be specific about which part of the Berlin Wall we wanted to see. He drove us to Brandenburger Tor (Brandenburg Gate in English). Awesome choice, that. I shall address the details of our experience in the post proper (when I do get down to writing it). Suffice it to say that it was a place of historical significance and I wished I’d planned our Berlin leg properly.

This nanoblock design is awesome, isn’t it?


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