Why Travel?

Shirakawago Light-Up

At some point in any wanderlust bug-bitten traveller’s traipsing life, this dreadfully difficult question is bound to surface – Why on earth do you travel so much?

I have been thinking much about this question the past few months as it increasing becomes apparent that travelling has become such a pertinent aspect of our lives. It is only slightly exaggerating to say that I live to travel, and I am constantly preoccupied with thoughts of future travels.

The simplest way to answer is to say that different strokes work for different people. Some like buying designer bags and shoes, some frequently change the cars they drive, and some people choose to travel.

Travelling broadens horizons. And perspectives. Acutely aware that this is the cliché sort of answer expected out of a question like this, I wonder how many people truly understand what it means. I know I now do. There is always something new to learn from travelling, even at repeated destinations; new things I discover about myself when I put myself out of my comfort zone or about the destination.

I am always humbly reminded that we, human beings, are very insignificant in the overall scheme of things. And that our troubles are correspondingly very minute even though they may seem so big at the moment they all but consume our minds. Travelling puts things in perspective. It teaches me to be humble, to be appreciative of what I have, and most importantly, to re-examine my life so that I don’t lose my central focus of living a full life.

Not trying to reinvent the wheel here, but if I need to sum it up in one phrase, I travel as a constant insurance against a faulty memory.

Being somewhat a person prone to melancholy, I tend to fall back to my old ways i.e. pessimistic and completely consumed by life’s knocks that are thrown my way. Travelling is the way I reset myself.

In this age, travelling is made so much easy with the slew of information we are able to obtain from the internet. If I may, let me throw a question back at you: Why not travel?


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