NBH-021 Great Buddha of Kamakura

NBH 021 - Great Buddha of Kamakura

Great Buddha of Kamakura is another of my favourite nanoblock design, although it took us years before we finally made this day trip out of our numerous visits to Tokyo. The real bronze statue, standing at 13.4m, was an awe-inspiring sight. At the back of my head I just kept thinking about how it looked like it badly needed a good scrub.

A careless moment while transferring photographs from the SD card to the computer caused me to lose about 100 pictures from the trip, including the whole lot taken at Kotokuin (where the Great Buddha rests) and Hokokuji where a beautiful bamboo garden is situated. All’s left were the pictures I took on my Note 3. I’m inconsolable, to be honest, and have been trying my darnest to plan another trip to Kamakura soon.