Reservoir in the Heart of the City

* While we love travelling, in particular to Europe and Japan, our beloved home country has much to offer too. This is the first of a series of posts we’re intending to share on this space to document our cancer-striken golden retriever’s adventures in Singapore the garden city as we countdown to her last days with gratitude.


It was a gorgeous day on my birthday, the day we both decided to take leave from work in order to bring our two golden retrievers out for a day of fun. This day was also perfect in many other ways: it was a weekday, and a non-school holiday! Singapore in general, is not dog-unfriendly. However, ignorance is still rampant so there are laws in place to address that (or vice-versa), for example dogs must be leashed at all times outdoors and certain strong breeds even have to be muzzled. I have golden retrievers, which are truly the epitome of friendly, yet we’ve had numerous strangers asking us why they were not being muzzled as required by the law when we walked them outside. This ignorance and many others, do get to us at times. We’ve resorted to bringing them out to places where we think there will not be people milling about. Which brings us back to this day. Given that it was truly a normal weekday, we had the Marina Barrage Grass Roof almost exclusively to ourselves.

MBarrage-002 MBarrage-003

But the weather was definitely too hot for a sit-down picnic that I had envisioned while packing all the necessities for one. What was I thinking! 😆 While Paris and Belle were overjoyed to have the large grass patch to roam without a single care, they were also fast heating up. Good thing that we prepared sufficient chilled water for them.

The mister watched them closely, especially Paris now that she does not have a spleen (and has cancer) – it means that she will tire out a lot more easily but as a dog, she does not know to pace herself. I was behind camera lenses almost the whole time trying to capture the beautiful moments of our furkids having fun.

MBarrage-004 MBarrage-007

A lot of coaxing was involved to get them to finally settle down and sit for the mandatory shot with a panoramic view of Marina Bay and Singapore’s city landscape as the backdrop. They were not very keen to sit for long since they would much prefer to be sniffing around. I am so glad they at least cooperated for some good pictures.


After a short respite in the shade that involved some cake-eating on our part, we decided to bring the girls to Gardens by the Bay. Weather was still gorgeous, but since it was nearing noon, the sun was also upon us mercilessly. Despite that, Paris and Belle were nice enough to let me capture the above shot. Well… Paris obviously had ran out of patience and was in the process of standing up and moving away but Belle our little sweetheart was still sitting prettily till we released her.

MGdnsbytheBay-009 MGdnsbytheBay-010

We tried to stick to shady areas for the rest of our walk in Gardens by the Bay. It was very hot, yes, but the heat also ensured that the group of tourists who were sneakily taking selfies while trying to fit our dogs in their pictures left quickly as soon as they came. I’m really fine with strangers wanting to take pictures with our photogenic dogs but asking us for permission would be nice.

Towards the end of the trip, Paris was back to her uncooperative self where photo taking is concerned; she repeatedly refused to look into the camera no matter how we called out to her or coaxed. I think it was indication that she has had enough and we should call it a day, which we promptly did.

Paris was exhausted when we brought her home. We realised even the 3-hour short excursion tired her out. Good thing that she recovered soon, after a long nap in the air-conditioned room. Future outings, we have to keep it to less than 2 hours.


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