The Quintessential Beach Park


Mention East Coast Park (ECP), the largest park and a beach park almost 15km long built entirely on reclaimed land located to the south-eastern part of Singapore, and it will trigger beautiful memories in many a Singaporean. Most of us would have gone cycling with friends, or spent nights with classmates at the chalets during our school holidays. It was our frequent haunt when the mister and I were dating, like it was for many couples. And recently, a congregation point for people playing Pokemon Go on the hunt for rare Pokemon monsters, I being one of them. 😆


With the mister taken off shift and clocking more regular hours meant that we can’t bring the girls out on weekday mornings as often as we would like to. I had, on two separate occasions, brought the girls out with me to ECP individually and walked them according to what their stamina allowed. Paris doesn’t tolerate long walks well nowadays, hence my walk with her was restricted to a small area around the food centre. She did a lot of sniffing around while I caught some Pokemon monsters.


And she felt adventurous enough to jump up to a narrow breakwater. It was a picture-perfect moment but I was also fearing that she might slip hence my tight grip on her leash while I photographed her. This old girl still possesses some of her taste for adventure yet! 😀


With Belle on a separate day, it was all about walking and walking to locate the elusive Pokemon monster. We covered so much ground walking to and fro I think she might have regretted her initial enthusiasm about coming out with me. But no matter how tired she was, she continued trudging along beside, sometimes ahead of me (she was determined to walk to the car haha!). We once had another golden retriever Sugar before we got Paris, and if Sugar was in the same position as Belle that day, she would have sat when she got tired and stubbornly refuse to budge. Belle’s willingness to continue along with me despite her tiredness may not seem much to someone else, yet having seen how Sugar had behaved, I have to say that Belle has a very sweet disposition and her main aim is always to please us. It isn’t very important at this point (with Belle being still young and healthy) but this is something we have to remember as she grows older because she will push herself very hard just to keep up with us.


We finally made it to Bedok Jetty, a fishing jetty where fishing is allowed. We didn’t walk the whole length of it since I didn’t want Belle to get too near the fishermen with their fresh catch, hooks, lines and what-nots. Not safe for an inquisitive dog, if you know what I mean. Belle was happy to pause for a photo break. And as always, a ready smile for me.

To complete this post on ECP, I made a third visit within 3 weeks, this time with both Paris and Belle and the mister in tow. While this series of posts is essentially about Paris and her adventures, I do try hard not to neglect Belle in the process. The girls were picture-perfect wearing head bows I newly sewn for them. It was a perfect day with good weather. And if you live in Singapore, you would know that good weather is hard to come by these days since we are now officially in ‘haze season’.

2016.09.02-ECP-001 2016.09.02-ECP-003

The girls were happy to be out together with us, but I really don’t enjoy walking the girls together (even if the mister and I were each holding on to one); the girls are really competitive and they cannot stand seeing the other one being ahead. So they end up pulling their leashes. Argh.

2016.09.02-ECP-004 2016.09.02-ECP-005

Despite waking up and leaving home really early, the sun was still too blazing hot for the girls to bear. I had a picture in mind when I brought them to this bench at Bedok Jetty but they obviously have other ideas. They refused to sit on the stone bench (which was still cool, I checked), ending in two entirely poses. Hence this hilarious shot.


Then Belle decided she liked the shade better too, like Paris. These girls are just… such jokers. 😆2016.09.02-ECP-007 2016.09.02-ECP-008

One last parting shot at the Bedok Jetty and we headed back to the car. Along the way, we came by many picturesque spots. Really spoilt for choices but I hastily chose one relatively shady spot since the girls were becoming uncooperative.

2016.09.02-ECP-009 2016.09.02-ECP-011

And our last stop was at the large field just by the carpark. It was rare to see the field empty; usually during the weekends there would be at least one soccer game going on. With much difficulty, the mister and I finally got the girls to settle down just long enough for some shots. Then they decided they have had enough. Yup, they simply stood up and walked away. My sassy furkids.  Haiz…

While processing this set of photos, I’ve encountered considerable difficulty in trying to balance between under and over-exposing the pictures. Very difficult because Paris now has a white face, and that Belle is also starting to grey. We shall have to try leaving home even earlier for our next excursion so that the girls can enjoy themselves a little more before they get frustrated with the heat, and for another selfish reason – easier for me to process the pictures.

Alright! Time to send them off for grooming!


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