NBH-108 Inari Shrine

NBH 108 - Inari Shrine

Fushimi Inari in Kyoto is famous for one signature sight – seemingly neverending rows of Torii that counts in the thousands. This shrine is perhaps one of the top 3 most-photographed spots in the former capital of Japan. Says much, especially when Kyoto itself has no lack of picturesque and scenic spots.

I have not gotten to write about our trip to Kyoto (will eventually get down to it heh) but in brief, we did not make it to the top of Mount Inari; we got to the mid-point though. Usually I would press to reach the summit. This time I didn’t since we had other sightseeing spots to go to and couldn’t spare the time.

Loved construction this nanoblock. It is longish, hence requiring more than the usual square base plate. The red torii are so cute! Quite a good depiction of the real thing, I must say.