Epilogue – 2016 Autumn Romance in S. Korea

This was a trip that almost never came to fruition. What was meant to be a quick-dash-and-return solo trip (for me) ended up a vacation for the both of us because the stars aligned. Alright I was just jesting. Our cancer-stricken Paris’ health condition is a ticking time bomb and we had made a pact not to travel till a planned vacation end of next year. And, we were able to hold on to our promise till I had to make a trip to Korea.

While I was shopping around for a single flight ticket, I lamented to the mister that they were all extremely expensive, with the exception of my all-time favourite Singapore Airlines’ 2-to-go deal. The mister started wavering. I analysed to him very frankly that if not now (to travel), then when? Paris’ condition will only go downhill going forward, and she is still fine.

And so, a rather hasty decision was made. We were going on a vacation, together, leaving Paris and Belle behind with a trusted home boarder (and loads of instructions). 😆

2016-10-11-seoul-214 2016-10-11-seoul-215

I love flying with Singapore Airlines. Apart from the fact that I feel we should support the national carrier, I always feel safe flying with them. If you know what my previous career was (and what the mister does as a living) you would know we know what we are doing when we pick airlines to fly with. Death doesn’t scare me, but I reckon dying from an air crash isn’t the way I want to end my life.



Perhaps I’m not picky about my food; I think inflight food taste fine most of the time. As for the haughty attitude of SIA flight attendants many complain about… I have flown economy and business class with them, but have not met any one with bad attitude. If you smile and are polite with your requests, there is no reason why anyone would be rude with you. On the other hand, I have met rude passengers who felt self-entitled enough to verbally abuse the poor flight attendants. One particular flight back from Seoul came to mind – some passengers almost got physically abusive when the flight attendants refused to serve any more alcoholic drinks to them because they were fast getting drunk (unfortunately, it was a party of Indian men who lived up to the biased view society has of them). Not a myth. I witnessed it for myself.


I like window seats because I don’t need to visit the lavatory much. And when I know I’m in the air during sunrise or sunset, I try to sit on the correct side for a nice view of the natural phenomenon that repeats itself every single day and yet still manages to wow me. It just looks more beautiful being viewed in the aircraft. That’s what I feel anyway.

2016-10-11-seoul-236 2016-10-11-seoul-237

We were blessed with wonderful weather almost throughout the whole trip, except for the day we left Seoul for Jeju when it cloudy and even rained a little. Thank goodness it persisted only for a day. I was telling the mister that we should always make it a point to travel to S. Korea during this same period in the future: weather is good, it hasn’t turned too cold yet, and beautiful autumn foliage! What’s there not to like about this period?

2016-10-11-seoul-238 2016-10-11-seoul-239

By sheer coincidence, we walked into Baskin Robbins for a drink and ended with these 2 pretty cold cup sleeves. Incidental that we also ordered drinks that were pink in colour. So matching!

This being the last of the series of posts, I shall end with the budget and our actual expenses for the trip.

Air Tickets S$1,800 S$1,740
Accommodation S$1,600 S$1,315
Transport S$500 S$355
Food & Water S$1,200 S$960
Shopping S$1,500 S$1,375
Other Expenses S$400 S$675
Total S$7,000 S$6,420

We spent well within our budget this round, in part because I made a more accurate projection of how much I was going to spend on skincare products. Under the umbrella of ‘Other Expenses’ included all the admission fees to attractions in Seoul and Jeju, souvenirs and food stuff we brought home for our loved ones. A rather substantial amount because I have a husband who is generous to a fault. 😡

With this, I complete the series of posts for our most recent vacation. Yay!


3 Comments on “Epilogue – 2016 Autumn Romance in S. Korea

  1. We have not heard about haughty SQ stewardesses. So far at least.
    They do try to accommodate but there are really challenging passengers sometimes…
    On our recent journey to Seoul, Suan bought donuts from Dunkin….because they are so cute! ugh.
    Anyway, autumn is indeed beautiful with the changing of the colors!

    • Neither have I, but I have read of people complaining about the attitude of SQ stewardesses hence choosing other airlines over SQ.

      Yes… autumn colours are beautiful in general. But we don’t get it in Singapore . 😦

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