Hort Park, the Gardeners’ Paradise

Ahead of Paris hitting a major milestone (6 months post-splenectomy!) we had set aside a couple of days to bring her out for some fun in a new park. December is monsoon season in Singapore, and the weather has been largely erratic and wet, so I was not optimistic we were going to be able to head out on our first reserved day. Even the weather forecast wasn’t on our side. Yet when I woke up early in the morning, I saw that the sky was blue. Blue! The mister reminded me about the weather forecast (of thunderstorms) but I decided to ignore it, opting to rely on my gut feeling which told me it would be a good day.

Resigned, he dragged his tired body to the bathroom to prepare for the outing. The girls were so elated as I prepared the usual outing stuff i.e. water and bowl they couldn’t stop skipping around the house.


It was our very first time to Hort Park, a relatively new 9-heactare park that is part of the Southern Ridges –  we didn’t know what to expect. To our pleasant surprise, it was quite secluded with few people about. Great, it meant that while still holding on to their leashes, we didn’t have to watch the two girls too closely as they took their time to sniff about.


Then we came about a gazebo. How could I let up the chance to make them pose in front of it? Paris chose to be uncooperative right from the start of the walk, refusing to sit when I asked her to. Maybe she isn’t felling very well… so I let her be and made the best out of the situation. Decent shots, still.

2016-12-02-hortpark-003a 2016-12-02-hortpark-004a 2016-12-02-hortpark-005a

There are numerous ‘gardens’ with the park: Therapeutic Garden, Silver Garden, Golden Garden… to name a few. I’m not into gardening; Hort Park to me is like any other parks in Singapore, meant for walking the dogs hence taking notice of what the different gardens area about wasn’t in my agenda this morning. I do recognise, however, that we ventured into an area with numerous pots of orchids. The girls sat prettily on the stairs while I quickly took some pictures of them.

Paris refused to budge once she laid down on the stair. Didn’t even move an inch when I placed Belle in front of her – you could actually see that Belle didn’t have enough space to sit properly; she had to place her front paws on a lower step. All these signs are telling me that while Paris looks very pleased to be out and about, her physical being isn’t very much able to keep up with her enthusiasm. Sombre reminder of the new lumps detected in her liver during her last vet visit last week. 😦


Got to the playground meant for young children and they immediately went into the play house for the shade.


Then we came by this miniature version of the dragon playground that featured very prominently in my childhood. And now, it’s a fast disappearing feature in our land-strapped country. Just had to make them sit in front of it. Heh.2016-12-02-hortpark-009a

We came to this wooden plank platform meant for sitting and resting, I reckon. There was no one around so it was great opportunity for some pictures. I managed to get Belle up but tried as I might, Paris refused to jump up. We’ve learnt to watch her cues closely, and I deduced that she must not be feeling well enough to do the jump. Did not insist then. And that was how cheerful Belle’s very pretty solo picture came to be.

2016-12-02-hortpark-010b 2016-12-02-hortpark-011a

All the way into Hort Park where the Vineyard restaurant is located, we saw a large tiered field. The whole morning, the two girls were at loggerheads with me, refusing to sit and smile at me on cue. So I thought, ‘Hey, this is a good place to let them do their own stuff while I shoot them’.

Great idea, wasn’t it? Wrong. After I released the girls to go explore the area on their own, they stood at the exact same spots I left them at, and looked at me quizzically. Infuriating. 😆

2016-12-02-hortpark-012a 2016-12-02-hortpark-013a

It wasn’t too hot since there was still sufficient cloud cover and it was still early in the morning. Paris was in such a good mood. It made me happy seeing her big smile.


Came by the Golden Garden signage. It’s such a cheery signage I couldn’t help but make Paris pose in front of it. My version of a golden garden – a garden full of golden retrievers. 😀


As we were walking back to the main entrance of Hort Park, I saw another photo opportunity as we ambled up a slight slope. Made the girls sit for the last shot (before leaving the park for good) and this round, they were so nice to listen to our instructions. Except that Paris refused to face me. Oh well… this old girl is really starting to grow a stubborn streak. 😆

For her 7th month post-splenectomy, we are intending to bring them to a beach. Hoping the trip materialises.


4 Comments on “Hort Park, the Gardeners’ Paradise

    • Hahah… it was pretty good weather to sleep in. Plenty of opportunities… Hort Park isn’t going anywhere. 🙂

      • True. Nvm, tomorrow gotta attend wedding lunch – Indian ceremony and all…might post about it later…

      • Oooh… please do. I love Indian weddings… so interesting! It’s been a while since I attended one.

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