NBH-123 Marina Bay Sands


Finally, I landed my hands on this nanoblock design. It was released months ago, yet strangely enough I couldn’t find it anywhere at my usual haunts (to purchase Kawada Nanoblock). I wonder if there are resellers stockpiling this to sell off at a premium price a couple of years later. Or perhaps, I just wasn’t trying hard enough to hunt it down.

Kawada only introduced 2 Singapore landmarks within their Sights to See series very recently: Marina Bay Sands and The Merlion. I have not found the time to build The Merlion yet but comparatively I think I prefer MBS since it is now easily the representative landmark for Singapore’s skyline, and because I’d never been a fan of the legendary creature that is the ‘national personification of Singapore’ (I mean… why?! Can’t they design something that looks nicer?).

Really had fun building this set because I find it very well-designed. And I saw some new blocks for the first time!