Exploring Marina Barrage

With the current COVID-19 situation, we have been unable to travel since word has come down that all Singaporeans should defer all non-essential travel. And so, bearing in mind social distancing as responsible citizens that we are, the mister and I brought the two furkids out to Marina Barrage on his birthday. A weekday no less.

As expected, the grass-covered rooftop of Marina Barrage was quite empty, save for a lone photographer and some maintenance workers, making it safe for Belle and Cassie to roam for a bit, off-leashed, a luxury they don’t get to enjoy much. These two girls are not very confident by nature, so we knew they were not going to venture very far away from us. Even then we watched them like hawks, recalling them whenever they wandered a little too far.

One half of the rooftop was closed for maintenance. We were not aware until we were approached by the maintenance supervisor who asked us to keep off the grass. That happened to be the more picturesque half (presenting Singapore’s signature skyline in the background with no obstruction) though. We quickly got the two girls to sit with the mister, and I snapped a quick pic. Not my best effort but this gotta do since we had to step out of that area pronto.

Just realised that this is the first time our 4th furkid is making an appearance on here. Everyone, meet Cassie.

It’s been three years since Paris left us. 6 months after, we adopted a mongrel puppy by chance and named her Cassie Petal. Belle is coming up to ten this year, but having Cassie around has kept her young. Given her breed’s average lifespan and the fact that we cannot travel for a few more months, we’ve decided to start exploring distant parks with them and properly chronicle these outings like what we did with Paris.

The other half of the roof-top available for our usage was just as empty. These two girls, however, are pampered princesses at home and it showed that morning. It may be a cloudy day but the heat and humidity were still merciless, even thought it was just March. The two girls refused to run around after a short while, preferring to stick to us, and lapping up all the cold water we brought for them.

Then their daddy decided to show Cassie the waters. Being a fairly small girl at a mere 14kg, the mister had no problems lifting and carrying here. Unfortunately Cassie was a lot more interested in cuddling with her precious daddy instead of looking at the scenery. What was hilarious about this scene was how Belle was looking up at her daddy longingly, wanting to be carried as well. The mister always played fair when it came to the furkids so Belle worrying was needless; she was next to go although he struggled a little more, with her slightly heavier weight of 18kg.

By then, the furkids were simply too lazy to move. They quietly sat by the mister while he took a breather to reply to the multiple birthday felicitations he received in the form of text messages. I was about to lecture him on being distracted when we were supposed to be spending some quality time with the girls, but decided to cut him so slack since I could tell that the girls were still mighty happy to be next to him. And who was I to judge – the mamarazzi armed with two cameras who wouldn’t stop taking pictures. 😀

We walked across the field to get as close to the picturesque skyline as we could, and with much effort, got the girls to stay still for a mere few seconds. That was just how long they would tolerate, and I don’t blame them. They wanted more water, and we wanted to get in the shade quickly.

After spending about 45 minutes out in the sun, the girls were more than ready to call it a day. Since they were too tired to run away from us, we released their leashes and let them walk freely. Which they did, by walking alongside their daddy while I trailed behind to take this precious snapshot of the doting fur daddy and his precious girls.

The next planned weekday outing is scheduled to be mid next month. Till then, flatten the curve and stay safe!


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