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Why Traipsy Pixie (especially when traipsy isn’t even a real word)? Because we traipse and walk an awful lot when we travel. As for pixie… like the namesake, we are both benign, somewhat mischievous, small in stature with baby faces not quite indicative of our actual ages.

“wayfaring to see the world, our way”

Traipsy Pixie comprises the husband who has a finicky palate; and the wife who has a propensity to excessive-plan and a predisposed penchant for over-writing. Truth is, our travelling style is not so unique to be coined exclusively as ‘our way’. I believe we are rather representative of an increasingly popular way of independent travelling: on a budget but not quite on a shoestring one; not ready to splurge on hotels but not quite brave enough to wing it without confirmed accommodation either; and we eat well.

Quite simply put, we travel in semi-style. Slowly. If there is anything really unqiue about our travelling style, it’s how we like to take things really slow. We usually spend twice the amount of time an average traveller would, getting to know a place intimately. Being away from home for more than half a month is not an issue to us, but we avoid short extended weekend getaways. And we don’t do beach resorts much.

We Singaporeans like to say that we experience 2 seasons – the sunny and the rainy. A rather unfortunate circumstance for us, as a temperate climate is much preferred, without the rain please. For this reason, our travels are oft timed to coincide with the spring, autumn or winter seasons at our destinations. We almost never travel during the summer season, if it could be helped. After all, we travel to see the world, to experience other cultures, to spend some quality time together, and to have a respite from the daily mundanes of life – including Singapore’s signature hot and humid weather.

This site is set up to chart our more significant travels embarked on after marriage, primarily to share our experiences with family and friends, and as a precautionary measure against our faulty memories. The second-order purpose is to hopefully inspire other like-minded travellers like us into planning their own holidays instead of depending on travel agencies to complete the deed for them.

Traipsy Pixie could be contacted at traipsypixie[at]gmail[dot]com.


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