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NBH-003 Historic Villages of Shirakawa-go

As promised, this is the mister’s favourite at the moment. I think it has a lot to do with the memories he has of the trip we took, not so much of how… Continue reading

Epilogue – 2013 冬の北陸旅行記

We are back from our tour of Western-Central Japan! It was cold, but we had fun! And brought home 3,400 worth of pictures to prove it. Admittedly, I would not have planned for… Continue reading

Nagoya, in a Nutshell

It used to be that Nagoya (名古屋) could not evoke any sort of interest in us. That would have totally explained why despite it being one of the five SIA Japan destinations (the… Continue reading

Planning – 2013 冬の北陸旅行記

Planning for 2013 冬の北陸旅行記 (Winter in West-Central Japan) commenced way earlier than expected, a little more than 7 months ahead. It may even appear to be needlessly excessive (as it did initially, to… Continue reading