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Traipsy Pixie’s List – Representative Korean Food

Having only been properly introduced to Korean food (sans Seoul Garden Korean BBQ, which isn’t exactly Korean) in 2012 after I started learning the Korean Language, I would say that we’ve come a… Continue reading

A Technophile on Vacation

What’s a technophile? Think along the line of the more common bibliophile and you might get an idea. The mister and I are both technophiles in our own right. We were early adopters… Continue reading

Why Travel?

At some point in any wanderlust bug-bitten traveller’s traipsing life, this dreadfully difficult question is bound to surface – Why on earth do you travel so much? I have been thinking much about this… Continue reading

Tokyo for a First-Timer Part II

Tokyo (東京), like any other metropolis in the world, offers activities diverse enough to satiate the voracious appetite of any type of traveller. Eating, marathon running, shopping, sightseeing, trekking… you name it, Tokyo… Continue reading

Tokyo for a First-Timer Part I

I don’t profess to know Tokyo (東京) extremely well – don’t think we even covered 50% of this awesome metropolis despite having been there 5 times the last 5 years – but with… Continue reading

Luggage Choice for Long Trips

Prior to our Europe Honeymoon, we had not taken trips together that lasted beyond a week. In more ways than one, the Europe Honeymoon was special. Logistically, especially. We thought hard about how… Continue reading