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10 Things about Shanghai

Shanghai is also known as Hu (沪), the official abbreviation. It is this chinese character 沪 that one sees on motor vehicle licence plates registered in Shanghai. It is a port city on Huangpu… Continue reading

Epilogue – 匆匆沪之行

Observations on Shanghai The trip was essentially our very first to China. We both had been to Hong Kong a couple of times and I to Shenzhen for a couple of days too,… Continue reading

CHAR Grill: A Photo Gallery

I did wrap up all the posts on our trip to Shanghai last Dec in Jan this year, but something was nagging in the back of my mind. To be specific, I really… Continue reading

Resplendent Pudong

Shanghai is divided into the East and West segments with the Huangpu River (黄浦江) flowing through it. As such, the area to the east is called Pudong (浦东) and the area to the… Continue reading

Oh, What a View!

This short trip to Shanghai started out as a need to get away from it all for a while; it was last-minute, and completely unplanned for. That would have explained why we chose… Continue reading

The Quintessential Shanghai Xiaolongbao

Because we have eaten at 3 separate restaurants serving superb Shanghai Xiaolongbao (上海小笼包) on this trip, the mister mandated that I must write about our experiences (despite the fact that he does not eat… Continue reading

Shanghai Faves: 田子坊 and 朱家角

Two of my favourite places that we visited during this Shanghai Trip must be Tianzifang (田子坊) and Zhujiajiao (朱家角). The former is a small, renovated residential enclave in the French Concession now stuffed… Continue reading

Romanticising The Bund

The Bund requires no introduction. Without a doubt, I am referring to The Bund in Shanghai, a waterfront area found in central Shanghai and is singularly the most famous tourist attraction of Shanghai.… Continue reading