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This page gives an overview of our travels from 2011-2016 Summer, in descending order of occurrence. Clicking on the banners (if applicable) will bring you to the respective set of posts associated with the said trip. Alternatively, the related posts (in descending order) are also listed below the banner. As most of the posts are back-dated, please allow us some time to work on them.

2016 Snow Corridor + (incomplete)

More to Matsumoto
That Magnificent ‘Crow Castle’

2016-03 The 40th Trip


The Vacay with BFFs D5: More Eating in Seoul
The Vacay with BFFs D4: Eating in Seoul
The Vacay with BFFs D3: Last Day in Jeju
The Vacay with BFFs D2: Jeju Scenery
The Vacay with BFFs D1: To Jeju!

2015-12 Europe Winter Wonder


The Abbey Library and More
Of Vineyards and Medieval Riquewihr
The Jewel of Alsace
Strasbourg by Night: A Photo Gallery
The EU Capital
Basel, the Crossroad of Three Countries
10 Things about Liechtenstein
Liechtenstein? Checked.
Hallstatt, the one in Austria
Beauty on the Danube
Food and Music: Feels like Heaven
The 15th on Our 5555th – A Review on Steirereck
Of Wien and its Christmas Markets
Hello Again, Munchen



Someplace Old, Someplace New (planned)
Shirakawa-go and Gokayama, Revisited

2013 Braving Osaka Alone (incomplete)

Concert-Going in Japan
Braving Osaka as a Lone Female Traveller

2013 한국어를 공부합시다! (incomplete)

Mobile Phone Prepaid Plan in Seoul
Back to School in Seoul

2013 冬の北陸旅行記 (incomplete)

Epilogue – 2013 冬の北陸旅行記
Nagoya, in a Nutshell
Planning – 2013 冬の北陸旅行記


10 Things about Shanghai
Epilogue – 匆匆沪之行
CHAR Grill: A Photo Gallery
Resplendent Pudong
Oh, What a View!
The Quintessential Shanghai Xiaolongbao
Shanghai Faves: 田子坊 and 朱家角
West Lake, the Heaven on Earth
Romanticising the Bund

WHITE CHRISTMAS DEC 2011 (incomplete)

Walking the Town Wall and More
The Red Fortress above The Tauber
Planning II – 2011 White Christmas
Planning I – 2011 White Christmas


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